When you feel proud about your choices, and in love with your lifestyle,

we call it success!

We enable every woman to become the empowered CEO she envisions to be!

Inspired to ignite passion, freedom & success we teach and coach individuals how to strategically build the business of their dreams. It not only requires courage and curiosity to thrive as an entrepreneur, but also the willpower to make be in it with heart and soul, to embrace the uncomfortable, to learn from mistakes and to find the commitment to become a CEO, who knows what she's doing.

We are here to hold you & guide you...

When you invest in us, you invest in your success journey.

Have you found yourself wondering whether you need a:

  • business coach?

  • a virtual assistant?

  • a brand manager?

  • a social media manager?

  • a marketing coach?

  • a sales course?

  • a website designer?

The truth is, when you are confused about whom you need in your business, it is likely you haven't got full clarity on what you really need, how you want to proceed and what your ideal outcome would be. ♥ We cover it.

Lisa is your business coach, your marketing strategist, your sales guru and your brand manager.

Work with me

I’m a business strategist, a soulful entrepreneur, a marketing guru and a life coach. Here’s how i can help:

I have combined my passions and expertise to help women build their online service businesses to achieve a long-term sustainable business success,

freedom to work less hours, a mindset that allows them to be creative & inspired, and to pursue their life's mission.

Business Strategy Session: The catapult for your Startup

In a 60-min strategy session I map out the most important next steps for you to take. Together we create clarity around what is working and what isn't, why you are stuck and what you can do to move forward.

This session is highly recommended by many of my clients and has helped hundreds to jumpstart their business progress!

Price: 39,00€

Startup To Celebrate: An in-depth business strategy programme including 1:1 support

The path for your business to go from stalling to thriving! Have you tried everything on the planet to get your business up and running - you've taken courageous steps, you've put sweat, time and love into it but it's not yet paying your bills? In this programme, I'll be with you, through all the business processes needed to succeed - starting from developing a CEO mindset to selling your services with ease - and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.

Price: 3490,00€

8-week 1:1 coaching package

For those who wish to be coached by me outside any programme. You may have finished the programme and would like continued 1:1 support, or you are interested in life coaching purely.

Price: 990,00€

Branding & Website Design

Do you finally want to have a website up and running? One that has all the functions you wish for, with epic branding that reflects all your values and characteristics? Book a call, so we can get going as soon as possible ;)

Price: Custom Tailored

Free Resources

Download our lates resources to support you with your business!

Energetically Aligned Selling

A must-take training for any entrepreneur!

Book a free discovery call

Want to know more about how we work and what we do? Book a call!

Start-up Bible

Read our guideline for how to start-up a business in a structured & balanced way.

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Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients


I absolutely loved it, it kept me on track which I liked and kept me on a journey of continual action, which was motivating and productive. I found the structure of the course was perfect in guiding me through all the steps I needed to learn and take to improve my business.


Katie Bowers

Owner of Katie's EFT Coaching


Lisa as a coach is committed, passionate, and open minded. Her approach and enthusiastic support made me feel like she cared about the success of my business equally as much as she cared about my personal wellbeing. I cannot recommend Lisa enough as life or business coach.


Mitra Shahrani

Owner of Green Earth Yoga

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